Tuesday, September 25, 2012

For the forgetful...

"All commanding officers and others in authority in the naval service are required to show in themselves a good example of virtue, honor, patriotism and' subordination; to be vigilant in inspecting the conduct of all persons who are placed under their command; to guard against and suppress all dissolute and immoral practices, and to correct, according to the laws and regulations of the Navy, all persons who are guilty of them; and to take all necessary and proper measures, under the laws, regulations and customs of the naval service, to promote and safeguard the morale, the physical well-being and the general welfare of the officers and enlisted persons under their command or charge."

U.S. Navy Regulations, 1990.


NAVIG Study on CO Detachment For Cause said...

COs, XOs and CMCs lack the skills to recognize a weak command triad and then to effectively develop the relationships to make the triad effective.

Anonymous said...

Captain Lambert,

This VAVIG study appears to be so broad as to make the Navy with its various missions virtually impossible to accomplish. I do not believe this tripe for an instant, what I do believe is that the typical CO, XO and CMC are very capable of understanding the skills required to operate a command effectively and introduce the changes required to make the command even more effective as necessary.

Very Respectively,