Saturday, September 22, 2012

2012 VADM James Bond Stockdale Leadership Award Winners

Brian Sittlow
Chase Patrick
On 17 September 2012, the Navy announced the 2012 Vice Admiral James Bond Stockdale Leadership Award winners.  

Commander Chase Patrick, the Pacific Fleet winner, was chosen for his time in 2011 commanding the destroyer USS CHAFEE, based in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. A 1994 graduate of the University of Virginia, Patrick commanded Chafee until October, 2011. During his 18-year career, Commander Patrick has served aboard cruisers USS LAKE ERIE and USS PORT ROYAL, frigate USS CROMMELIN, destroyer USS PAUL HAMILTON and was the executive officer on destroyer USS CHUNG-HOON.  Commander Patrick holds master’s degrees from the Naval Postgraduate School and the Marine Corps University, Command and Staff College.

Commander Brian Sittlow, CO of Norfolk, Virginia-based attack sub USS BOISE, is the Fleet Forces Command winner. Commander Sittlow is a 1993 Naval Academy graduate who has served aboard attack subs USS ARCHERFISH and USS VIRGINIA, deep submergence vessel NR-1 and ballistic missile sub USS HENRY M. JACKSON.  Commander Sittlow holds a master’s degree from the Naval War College in Newport, Rhode, Island.

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NAVY NEWS said...

"Cmdr Sittlow's hands-on deckplate leadership and mentoring combined with his strategic vision are his greatest attributes. His confident, yet humble approach to leading the Boise crew helped each Sailor grow and feel empowered to make decisions and take decisive action. Cmdr. Sittlow started each week by preaching that 'Submarining is the ultimate team sport.' Boise is an unbeatable team and he is the ultimate coach."