Friday, September 14, 2012

ADMIRAL John Harvey retires

Admiral Greenert and Admiral John C. Harvey
Commander, Fleet Forces Command, Admiral John Harvey turns over command to Admiral William Gortney today.  Admiral Harvey is a Flag officer who BELIEVES in COMMUNICATING and I have a couple of personal letters to prove it.  He sent his parting message to the SWO leadership HERE.

For me, Admiral Harvey's career in the Navy boils down to this - 

"We're not going to give way on our standards.  We're going to hold to them", he says. Maintaining those standards, he said, involves educating Sailors on those standards. "Holding the trust of the people and the trust of the force – why should I trust my boss if my boss isn't going to deal with the tough things that have to happen?"

Standards - hold on to them.
Standards - keep them high.
Standards - help keep your Sailors trust.

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