Sunday, September 9, 2012

Read, Think, Write and Publish

My occasional mentor and correspondence friend, Admiral James Stavridis continually admonishes us all to Read, Think, Write and Publish. Each is worthy of doing and doing well.

The connection between these activities involves appreciating how reading, thinking and writing all work together as tools for information storage and retrieval, discovery and logical thought, as well as communication.

There is considerable benefit to be derived from connecting reading, thinking and writing - which should lead to publishing.  Recent research has validated that:
  • depending upon the measures employed to assess overall reading, thinking and writing achievement and attitude, the general correlation between reading and writing is moderate and fluctuates by age, education history, and other environmental factors; 
  • selected thinking and reading experiences definitely contributed to writing performance, just as selected writing experiences contribute to thinking and reading performance; 
  • writers acquire certain values and behaviors from thinking reading, while readers acquire certain values and behaviors from writing; and 
  • successful writers integrate thinking and reading into their regular writing activities, and successful readers integrate writing into their thinking and reading experiences.
 So, follow the Admiral's lead - Read, Think, Write and Publish - persistently.

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My kids' Mom said...

This is great!! Since I am a teacher and a teacher student, may I please borrow this Sir?

Thank you for the inspiration!


Anneli Kershaw