Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Never Forget


My kids' Mom said...

We will never ever forget. God Bless America!!
We are sitting here in Sweden today watching memorial programs from 9/11 on Swedish Television with tears in our eyes. My 14 year old daughter just said that it is so important that we never forget. Swedish television will start to broadcast live this afternoon from the ceremony in New York. I thought it would be good for you all in America to know that the rest of the world is with you in thoughts and prayers today.

Anneli Kershaw in Sweden

Anonymous said...

My kids’ Mom,

I am only one individual, but I thank you for your kind thoughts of what our country went through on Sept. 11 2001. After that day, which I felt would be a resurrection of the American spirit and a renewal of patriotism for our country, I sadly found that the US flags flying from houses and vehicles only lasted a couple of months and then vanished as if all that horror had been resolved.

I thank you and your recognition of our suffering and the rest of the world for their acknowledgement of what our country went through. But unfortunately my own people, the citizens of the United States, are too busy applying for welfare, food stamps or other government subsidies to be concerned about Sept. 11 2001, I have yet to see a new flag flown from a residence or a vehicle in my neighborhood in the last few days. I am dismayed at the attitude of the average person in this area of the country.

I thank you for your concern for my country.