Thursday, April 19, 2012

VADM Ann Rondeau - President National Defense University retires

"We need more trailblazers, like Ann (Rondeau), in our Navy today," said Admiral Greenert. "We need Sailors who want to be a professional and a leader. Who seize opportunities, take action and produce results. Ann was one of those Sailors, who saw what change was needed and made change possible. She made our Navy and our nation proud throughout her service."


Anonymous said...

Ann is a truly fine officer and a gentle-woman, if that can be said. A very classy woman. Thank you for your service.

Jim Murphy said...

Admiral Rondeau was a Captain and the CO of NSA Millington when I was Initiated in 1998. That is one officer who I can say truly appreciates Chief Petty Officers. She was still in touch with the Chief who trained her as an Ensign. She really got it when it comes to Chiefs training JOs. She got it and she believed in it.

Fair Winds and Following Seas Admiral!