Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Junior Information Warfare Officer Detailer

Lieutenant Commander Mark Ratkus and Lieutenant Commander Brian Harding completed their turnover as the Junior Information Warfare Officer Detailer effective yesterday, 24 April 2012. For Junior Officer IW Detailing issues or concerns please contact LCDR Brian Harding at his Navy e-mail address.  The phone number remains the same.

Please check out the IW Detailers' page at NPC HERE.


Justin Rogers ENS, USN (1170) said...

Special pay/bonuses: None??

Mike Lambert said...

The genuine privilege to serve.

Anonymous said...

The ensign makes a good point. "Genuine privilege to serve" is an incentive only for true patriots and people who prefer to do the cyber-job in a military environment. Can we quantify the per cent of the force that is so motivated? Highly skilled, effective people in the civilian corporate sphere (unconnected to defense/ government work) would surely think that phrase is used sarcastically, although I know you really mean it.

The best and brightest have many options, even in a down economy. They are rare and valuable, and usually they know it. Talent (like money) always goes where it is treated best.

If the community is as serious about truth-telling and creative thinking as indicated here, it will explore the corporate discipline often called "incentives," (but sometimes known by other labels such as "sales force effectiveness." It is a mixture of human psychology and advanced statistical measurement, the goal being to accurately predict, tweak out, and reward maximum performance in employees. In short, it is the science behind pay, bonuses, and other tangible performance rewards (such as trips and shopping bonus points).

Ironically, the real big money in the defense budget goes not to the serving military, but to the defense contractors, some of whom undoubtedly use such incentives to headhunt true talent from the force.

Anonymous said...

That's right - if you need a bonus to stay in then you probably need to find another job. It's a privilege to lead, serve, and enjoy the special trust and confidence given to us.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to both. I recently served with Brian... a top notch professional. The IW Community is lucky to have him!

Bryan Lopez said...

Congrats Mark! Well done.
Get to work Bri!
Cheers mates,

Anonymous said...

did the LDO/CWO detailer get assigned yet?