Saturday, April 21, 2012

Captain John Post speaks to the Aiken Georgia Military Officers Association of America (MOAA)

The monthly meeting of the Aiken (Georgia) Military Officers Association of America featured a special local guest Thursday night - Captain John C. Post, USN, Commanding Officer, Navy Information Operations Command - Georgia.

Post most recently served as the director of cyber warfare under the deputy chief of naval operations for information dominance. But, in speaking to the retired officers, Post talked about what his sailors at Fort Gordon, who are in the intelligence/information field and assist with planning and defense support, do in this new age.

"Sometimes when you think warfare, you think kinetic, but with the information age, you have to think non-kinetic," Post said. "I think the Navy has placed an emphasis on understanding the information age and pooling all of the sources together so that the commander can make faster decisions."

Along with speaking about the Navy's approach to new-age technology, Post also displayed a new Information Dominance Warfare pin. Similar to aviation and sea warfare pins, the new insignia as described by the Navy's website, "is a 2-inch by 1-inch, gold matte metal pin showing a background of ocean waves, a crossed naval officer's sword and lightning bolt with a fouled anchor and globe."

Post also told the room of roughly 40 about the other duties his sailors perform, such as funeral duty covering 30 counties in Georgia and South Carolina, which they volunteer to do on their off-time.

"It just amazes me that they can work a full day and still have the capacity to serve outside (of their normal duties)," Post said.

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LCDRLDO/6440 said...

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Anonymous said...

Congrats to CAPT Post, served with him in Bahrain, a great leader.