Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Note for Commanding Officers

"I expect this plan to be a priority for everyone and communicated at all levels, to help ensure we reach its objectives together."

Admiral Jonathan Greenert
Chief of Naval Operations

 Full Navigation Plan is HERE

What are you doing to make sure the CNO's plan is communicated to your Sailors??


Anonymous said...

This looks like an acqusition priority list. Can't see too many deck plate seaman caring much about a bunch of DC jargon and programmatic discussion.

Anonymous said...

The CNO Navigation plan provides goals and directives for the future. The perception is that all will follow and abide by these directives. The reality of it happening is questionable.
Perception is not reality. Although this phrase seems to be tossed about freely amongst the officers! Recently, the news media has been all over the secret service/military’s involvement with alcohol and prostitution. Have you taken a look lately at your pilots???
What about all the alcohol that is brought on board the ships, the fully alcohol stocked ready rooms, and the public intoxication?
In the CNO Navigation section “Be Ready”, the plan is to increase our efforts to prevent alcohol abuse. How do you plan on carrying this out when Alcohol is offered up by your "elite" officers as a sacrificial lamb buying friendships, securing positions, and ensuring advancement. The PERCEPTION that these men and women uphold the core value of honor, discipline, and integrity is NOT REALITY!

OPS LDO said...

As they say, the CNO has GREAT expectations...No one is reading it. Except for a few shorebased staff wienies.