Sunday, April 1, 2012

"Anchor Up!" - Happy Birthday Navy Chiefs

"My fellow Chief Petty Officers,
On April 1st, our entire mess will pause to celebrate 119 years of the United States Chief Petty Officer, our honored mess traditions and heritage, and look to our future.

But we're not just celebrating another year of Chiefs serving the Navy; we're celebrating everything it means to be the Chief.

Our anchors are the symbol of a culture and a way of life. Since 1893, Chiefs have been charged with the responsibility of ensuring our Sailors are the best in the world, ready to carry out our Navy's mission when our nation calls.

We welcome that responsibility and lead by example with pride, character, and loyalty, a strong commitment to leadership, our core values, and the Navy ethos.

Our Navy is the best it has ever been and we must continue to build upon the strong legacy that our mess was founded on as we look toward our future.

2012 is a significant year for us all as the United States Navy Memorial hosts the 'Year of the Chief.'

The 'Year of the Chief' is a worldwide spotlight on the history and contributions of the Navy CPO mess.

The 'Year of the Chief' will officially be launched on our birthday with a kick-off event held April 2 at the Navy Memorial. For more information on the 'Year of the Chief', visit Navy Memorial's web page.
Happy birthday shipmates! I truly appreciate your leadership and the hard work you do every day.

Anchor up and HOOYAH Navy Chiefs!"

And for some shameless self-promotion - My article from PROCEEDINGS - "Anchor Up, Chiefs! - Reset Your Mess"


Anonymous said...

Captain Lambert 14

Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy Rick D. West delivered what I would refer to as a half of an administration new Navy sandwich, it was great that he recognized the Chief Petty Officers of today’s Navy and gave much credit for their efforts in fulfilling their responsibilities and carrying out their duties of providing leadership by example in every positive way that could be expressed, along with stressing the Chief’s strong commitment to leadership, core values and Navy ethos.

Then MCPON West closed his memo with “Anchor Up, Chiefs”, to me that means you Chief’s still have a way to go, how could you be so perfect and still have a way to go? That follow Chief’s is half an administration new Navy sandwich. Beware when it becomes an administration full new Navy sandwich, which will consist of following “Anchor Up, Chiefs” with another slice of how great you really are.

Very Respectfully,

Anonymous said...

Nice. Year of the Chief. I'm good with that. Of course, at the same time we are celebrating the 236th year of the Naval officer. 2000-2100 - celebrating the third century of Naval officer excellence.