Friday, May 6, 2011

More from Admiral James R. Stavridis - Hang Them Out There For Others To See

Admiral Jim Stavridis suffers from something his wife calls his "gentle madness".  He has an endless supply of books around his home that impatiently await his reading - and even more books await his writing.  He carefully manages the small bits of his available time to "read, think, write and publish."  

Fortunately for all of us, technology has advanced sufficiently for all of us to carry all those books and writing tools with us - wherever the Navy takes us.  You can use those small bits of available time to record your thoughts on you PDA, phone, iPad or other mobile device.  Before long you've captured enough of your own "whispers on a wall" to articulate a meaningful idea in print.  As Admiral Stavridis says, "the bottom line is that your ideas will not go anywhere unless you have the courage to 'hang them out there' for others to see.

Go to this month's edition of Marine Corps Gazette for Admiral Stavridis' article "Professionals Write: Whispers on a wall"

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