Sunday, May 22, 2011


"We need to ask unpopular but important questions.  For example, what isn't EW widely included in regular training exercises?  Why aren't there more flag rank EW billets in our defense organizations?  What are so many staff IWO positions vacant (or nonexistent) throughout our military organizations?  Why do the armed services scatter their EW activities so far and wide, when they probably would be more effective if they were integrated into larger, more coherent organizations?

EW professionals have often lamented how "EW is a friend in war and a victim in peace."  But perhaps too many of us in the EW profession have come to believe that this must always be true.  This type of stale thinking is simply not good enough for today's conflicts.  EW does not have to perpetually lag behind the threats, and we don't have to live with "just in time" EW management.  EW is changing and we need to recognize and drive that change."

John Knowles
in the May issue of JED available HERE.


EW by choice; CTT by force. said...

Upcoming changes will put a VQ admiral with EW experience in the OPNAV N2/N6 staff - Admiral Tighe. She has plenty of EW experience gained in the first gulf war. She will bring some focus for the Navy to the EW challenges we face.

EWC/LDO said...

EW is broken?? Say it isn't so!!!???

Well since SEWIP was such a big success, not sure why we should worry about EW anymore...

Just let GD and LM have their way and we should have a new surface system by 2036. I see nothing wrong with that math or their profit margin. Lots of great "former" EW's working for the projects but prototypes at conventions doesn't equate to keeping warheads from foreheads.

Fleet EWO said...

It would be nice if we could get these flag officers to stay in a job long enough to do the job. Seems like they get into these jobs and immediately start looking for new work. 'Where's my next promotion coming from?' seems to be their most pressing question. Who can effect meaningful change and get a job done in 18 months? None of these people. No offense to any of these new flags but what have you done? A roadmap? I'm sorry but your staff got that done without you and no one gets to read it.

Anonymous said...

Please check the grammar here. What for why, and other problems. Poor grammar is distracting and makes the reader assume the writer is stupid or lazy.

Mike said...

Anon @ 3:11PM

Good points. I will ask John to be more careful in his next article. The editors could also help.