Monday, May 16, 2011


Cedric Rawlinson is the Chief on the right
One of my NSGA Yokosuka Sailors was recently selected for promotion to Master Chief Petty Officer.  This is a remarkable achievement.  Some years ago he was selected for the Limited Duty Officer/Chief Warrant Officer Procurement program and he chose to remain a Chief Petty Officer.  His decision was an excellent one.  While the wardroom is always ready to accept a highly qualified and motivated Chief Petty Officer into its ranks, the CPO Mess is not always happy to let a great CPO depart.  They got to keep this guy and it will pay dividends for the Mess and for our Sailors.

If all goes according to plan, CTRCM(SW/SS/AW) Rawlinson will head back to NIOC Yokosuka as the Command Master Chief.  Our former CMC, CTMCM(SW) Ron Schwartz would be proud to know that one of our former PO2s was promoted to Master Chief and went on to take his place as the Command Master Chief.  Bravo Zulu Master Chief Rawlinson, your Shipmates are proud of you.  So is your Skipper.  CONGRATULATIONS !!!


YOKO JOE said...

You are AWESOME Master Chief.

Anonymous said...

"Some years ago he was selected for the Limited Duty Officer/Chief Warrant Officer Procurement program and he chose to remain a Chief Petty Officer."

AWESOME!! So he stayed Navy for other than the most common answer Sailors give for wanting to become an LDO: "MORE MONEY!" I bet he is a GREAT Master Chief!

Captain - Special Duty Cryptology said...

Anon at 4:34 PM

You won't lose a penny on that bet!

Anonymous said...

Excellent example of the opportunities the Navy presents to every Sailor. Better example of a Sailor pursuing those opportunities that are best for him.

Congratulations MC!


Anonymous said...

Captain Lambert,

My congratulations CMC Rawlinson, I was lucky enough to have been in about the same position as he and turned down a Warrant, and a Commission to remain a Chief Petty Officer. By my way of thinking, back in those days of the 60’s and 70’s I could do much more for the enlisted men that I had worked with for many years as a Chief, Senior Chief, Master Chief and Command Master Chief than I could as a Warrant Officers or Junior Officer. I had observed for many years the Navy command etiquette and that the Junior Officers were typically the whipping boys of the CO and the XO, and that is the way that it was meant to be. When CNO Elmo Zumwalt came up with the thought of being the enlisted mans friend and with all his Z-Grams he did modify the thoughts of the Navy by elevating the senior enlisted man of a command to something other than that individual had ever been considered in the Navy, even though the Chief was always respected he had no real power to have his ideas implemented at his command. Fortunately for me the benefits of Adm Zumwalts doctrine fell upon me and I found over the years that I had much influence over command doctrine than I would have ever had as an officer. I still observed the Commanding Officer as God, but at least I was observed by him as a trusted apostle.

Very Respectfully,

E. A. Hughes, FTCM (SS)
US Navy (Retired)

Disco_Stu said...

Is CTRCM still in Jacksonville?

Mike Lambert said...

He's CMC at NIOC Yokosuka Japan.