Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What Commanders Have A Right to Expect from Higher Commanders

  1. That their honest errors be pointed out but can be underwritten at least once in the interests of developing initiative and leadership.
  2. To be responsible for and to be allowed to develop their own units with only the essential guidance from above.
  3. A helpful attitude toward their problems.
  4. Loyalty.
  5. That they not be subject to the needling of unproductive "statistics" competitions between like units.
  6. The best in commandership.
  7. That the needs of their units be anticipated and provided for.
  8. To be kept oriented as to the missions and situation in the unit above.
  9. A well-thought out program of training, work and recreation.
  10. To receive timely, clear-cut, and positive orders and decisions which are not constantly changed.
  11. That the integrity of their tactical units be maintained in assigning essential tasks.
  12. That their success be measured by the overall ability of a unit to perform its whole mission and not by the performance of one or two factors.
  13. That good works by their units be recognized and regarded in such a way as to motivate the greatest number to do well and to see further improvement.
General Bruce C. Clarke
Thoughts on Leadership

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