Friday, March 11, 2011

76th Anniversary of IW/CT Community

 “From the groundbreaking work of the ‘On-the-Roof Gang’ and Capt. Joseph Rochefort’s cracking of the Japanese navy code, to the Global War on Terrorism, the Navy’s information warfare / cryptology community has been in the fight. This year we celebrate our 76th anniversary, honoring our past and embracing our future.”

Rear Adm. Edward H. Deets III
Commander, Naval Network Warfare Command


More information on Captain Joseph Rochefort is HERE.


114 Languages/Dialects? said...

Navy CT's are trained in 114 languages and dialects?!? I would have never thought the number that high. Wow.

Anonymous said...

With the exception of the specwar mission, tell me what the IW/CT community has done recently for the Navy? Few accomplishments... costing us taxpayers a lot of money. Clearly a warfare area that technology will supplant the real workers (blue shirts) in the future, leaving the "leaders" with no one to lead, little to offer and ZERO credibility with the other major warfare communities.