Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Lost Art of Writing - Colonel Littleton

    Somewhere along the way, good manners, etiquette and civility seem to have gotten lost. Yet, many people today still yearn for the genteel social graces that have served this nation well.

    The tipping of a hat, helping a woman with her chair, placing your hand over your heart during the national anthem and a handwritten thank you note or letter on fine stationery.

    We can't do much to influence all things proper, but we can produce products to aid the cause.

    In today's fast-paced world of tweeting, texting and email, nothing says you care more about the recipient than taking time to write something in your own hand.

    That's why we offer a full line of hand-engraved personalized stationery on 100% cotton, heavy stock paper.

    Nothing cute, cheap, too colorful, scented, trendy or slick. Just traditional elegant stationery in ecru or white, with black or blue ink - hand engraved from copper plates.

    It's our hope that this stationery will serve to call to your mind the great merits of traditional form, style and civility.

P.S.  Soldiers have always cherished letters from home and protected them like treasure. I keep every handwritten letter I have ever received in a box in my office.

  Occasionally, I pull out the ones from my Grandmother or Dad and let the memories flood my mind. Emails are deleted and gone forever. Handwritten notes are timeless and touch the soul.