Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Rear Admiral David Simpson - Corporate Director for Information Dominance (OPNAV N2/N6)

“The technology curve is asymptotic.  Our investments in information technology used to be right on that technology curve. The DoD was really pushing that technology curve. We were defining it. But the adversary can pick and choose where he wants to be on that technology curve to achieve the desired affect. We are not going to be able to defend everywhere on that technology curve at all times, so we have to be more agile in our ability to respond to the adversaries movements in cyberspace.”

“We initially had difficulty cross-communicating and defining the cyber battle space,” said Simpson. “When you get to the details of describing the boundaries of cyberspace, and who has responsibilities for cyberspace, that’s not easy. Bringing the IDC together for the Navy has really allowed us to get past a lot of that. But now we need to ensure that our officers see that battle space, understand it, and are able to communicate it in terms that the larger command structure understands.”


General Quarters said...

Asymptotic...get some.

Anonymous said...

I got me two masters degrees...but must not have gone to good enough schools. I don't understand a word of this.

Anonymous said...

I think what he is saying is the various commands and staffs across the Navy have been unable to adequately divide up the cyber-pie because all those involved continue to disagree over a variety of points. The result is a disjointed, incomprehensable mish-mash of staffs and commands all of whom claim some part of "cyber". I think he is also saying that recent organizational changes have fixed those problems. We shall see.