Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Quality of Our Naval Officers

Sailors aboard USS ENTERPRISE and others have expressed their support for Captain Owen Honors on Facebook and on various blogs.  That is understandable.  Equally understandable is Admiral Harvey's decision to fire Captain Honors for "his profound lack of good judgment and professionalism while previously serving as executive officer on Enterprise calls into question his character and completely undermines his credibility to continue to serve effectively in command."  ((For my part, I was under the impression that Captain Honors' seniors had addressed the issue of XO Movie Night videos and the issue was closed.  I WAS VERY WRONG.))

Captain Dee Mewbourne's assignment to replace Captain Owen P. Honors as Commanding Officer of USS ENTERPRISE (CVN-65) is a testament to the great number of high quality naval officers in our United States Navy. Captain Mewbourne's warfighter credentials (like those of many other Navy Captains) match or exceed those of Captain Honor.  Captain Mewbourne's judgment is certainly going to be better than Captain Honors'.  Navy Major Command Screening Boards have a tough job and do it well.  In their deliberations and screening process many great people don't make the cut because they have more fully qualified Captains than they have major command commanding officer slots to put them in. Some truly excellent Captains are denied an opportunity to serve in Major Command.

Much has been written about the responsibilities of command.  There is very little tolerance for error while executing those responsibilities.  We have an ample number Captains capable of stepping up to fill the gaps when others stumble or willfully impale themselves with their swords. Captain Mewbourne is the right man to take USS ENTERPRISE on her final sail.


Rubber Ducky said...

"I was under the impression that Captain Honors' seniors had addressed the issue of XO Movie Night videos and the issue was closed."

Geez, how would those seniors do it? "What I've watched you do without comment for the past two years is very wrong and I order you to stop that. Right now. This instant. Or else."

Either Honors' actions are entirely acceptable or they are entirely unacceptable. 'Sorta OK for awhile' is not a viable position.

This ain't over. I predict a flag bloodbath.

Anonymous said...

It is alarming to me that any person in a position of leadership in the Navy would find Captain Honors' actions acceptable. It says a lot about the sailors on Enterprise that they are defending his actions. So much for 'really' understanding what honor, courage and commitment mean. Those sailors apparently do not.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous (at 1005), I believe you are a bit off the mark. The Sailors on Enterprise are defending their Captain, as of yesterday, not necessarily the XO of four years ago.

He might very well be highly deserving of his crew's support. Since I'm sitting at a desk in sunny San Diego and not on Enterprise, I don't know personally. Nor, I'll wager do you.

Oh and an anonymous back-handed slap to a group of Sailors for something that you likely know not of which you speak is gutless.

CTRCS(SW) Goodson

Anonymous said...

I seen commander lippold from the cole say this is just an isolated incident. i thought he was supposed to be smarter than that. people are dumping these videos and anything like them.

Anonymous said...

What was the man thinking?

No doubt a high percentage of Enterprise sailors would defend Captain Honors, and assuredly there would be a high percentage that believe the Captain had failed himself as well as his line officer responsibilities.

I am a retired Navy officer and can honestly say that never in my years of active duty did I ever know, or know of, a senior petty officer or officer that demonstrated such a lack of judgment as Captain Honors has.

How he has gotten away with this type of behavior defies logic.

At one period in my career I was assigned to position that involved reviewing judicial punishments handed out to enlisted personnel who had been judged to "cross the line". Many of the instances reflected actions that were a shadow of the antics of Captain Honors, but the individuals in most cases paid dearly, and in some overly severe.

As an XO Captain Honors would have had a hand in passing judgment in preparations for Captain's Mast, etc. To me, this movie indicates Honors was woefully unqualified to have even been assigned as an XO.