Thursday, January 20, 2011

Healthy Perspective on Retention in the Navy

The skipper of Navy Information Operations Command Pensacola has a great perspective on retention.  You can read about it HERE.


General Quarters said...

20% real unemployment (corrected for BLS statistical boolsheet) should help make up many young minds and improve Unka Samuel's retention figures.

Sean Heritage said...


Part of my point was that those who can't compete on the outside in times like these are the very ones we should encourage to leave. At the same time, we should be giving those with much to offer the private sector every reason to want to stay. If the unemployment rate is the primary reason someone chooses to STAY NAVY, we have serious problems.


Anonymous said...

Some folks make a big deal out of shipping over, even with all the high blown theory and attitude of this and that concerning the subject. Many a Bluejacket has shipped over simply because the Navy gave him good chow for his last evening meal before the end of his enlistment. Once a Bluejacket signs on the dotted line, for the second time, he is generally mature enough to realize that he has made a large commitment. Having seen a number of Sailors that operated in that manner, and finding that they turned out to be good Shipmates and Sailors, overall. Good leadership and followership are not things many are born with, and we as leaders are required to work on those qualities to groom Blujackets so they will be as good as the instruction and training that we provide for them. This was always in mind, if the student hasn’t learned the teacher hasn‘t taught.