Sunday, January 30, 2011

General Henry H. Arnold on Integrity

This covers a very wide field.  To touch upon one or two , - it means, for example, maintaining the courage of one's convictions. By no means should this be confused with stubborn thinking. Stubborn thinking is as outmoded as the ox cart. Its exact opposite, resilient thinking, is Today's Must: a man must be able to accommodate his thinking quickly and accurately to his rapidly changing world; nevertheless, it must be his thinking, - not someone else's.

Personal integrity also means moral integrity.  Regardless of what appear to be some superficial ideas of present-day conduct, fundamentally, - today as always -, the man who is genuinely respected is the man who keeps his moral integrity sound; who is trustworthy in every respect. To be successful, a man must trust others; and a man cannot trust others, who does not trust himself.

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Stephen said...

I actually have a couple of books authored by Gen. Arnold from the 30's. They were the "Bill Bruce" series, named after his sons.

Both are signed by then Major Arnold and one is also signed by his school teacher.