Thursday, January 6, 2011

CJCS Guidance for 2011

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen released his guidance yesterday.  His priorities:

  • Defend Our Vital National Interests in the Broader Middle East and South Central Asia
  • Improve Health-of-Force
  • Balance Global Strategic Risk
He also said the Joint Staff would publish Joint Force 2030.

I found this part curious (instrument of the state, as noted below):

"As we advance these priorities, our professionalism must remain beyond reproach.  The American people, and their political leadership, closely scrutinize our conduct, and rightly so.  Respect for them - and for our oath - demands that we continue to remain an apolitical instrument of the state.  That means being apolitical in our acts and in our words, whether outside the wardroom, on the flightline, within the barracks, or in the halls of the Pentagon. Over nine years of close quarter combat has changed many aspects of what we do.  It must not change who or what we are as a professional, disciplined force." 

Chairman's Guidance for 2011 is HERE.


General Quarters said...

Sez CJCS: " apolitical instrument of the state." Heh. The Admiral has a marvelous sense of irony.

Anonymous said...

Captain Lambert,

Having read the entire, CJCS Guidance for 2011, and attempting to understand where the good Admiral is coming from I first noted that the following portion of a sentence, that he wrote” our strategic objective is to disrupt, dismantle and defeat” the remainder of the sentence is immaterial because the good Admiral appears to be parroting the words of our present CIC who has never been to war or even been in the military, but used these exact words on more than one occasion.

For those of you that did not notice, two years ago the Director of Homeland Security pointed a finger toward returning veterans and allowed a statement to be issued that made them suspect of being “right wing extremists”. In fact anyone it pointed out anyone that harbored ideas that conflicted with the present administration could be suspect of that same extremist philosophy. This same edict from DHS remains on the WEB. Does anyone think that our fighting men and women are not aware of the words that make them suspect of being a danger to their own country? Please read the following if you are unaware of what it contain\s.

The CJCS feels that the services need to “restore readiness”, and he gives the reason as the rotation of troops has not been adequate, his contention is that there should be a 1:2 deploy-to-dwell ratios. I wonder if he even recalls that many of our Fighting Forces during WWII spent the entire war without the benefit of R&R, let alone the luxury of returning home during that war. I take nothing away from the bravery of our present forces, it is not the service people in my opinion that are unable to stand the stress of war. But one of the factors is what I pointed to in earlier paragraphs that have played a large part in the morale of our fighting people, how do you suppose you would feel if you were suspect of being labeled an extremist who was opposed to your counties beliefs, and every day you were putting your life on the line for your country?


Anonymous said...

‘Our ongoing campaigns abroad have amplified the challenges associated with returning from combat. The tragic risks of suicide, divorce, substance abuse, post-traumatic stress, domestic violence, and homelessness.” (I guess the Admiral did not understand what a comma splice was)
“Leaders must take preventative measures to identify and address these and other issues, such as focusing more attention on reducing the incidence of sexual assault.”
The previous words are those of Adm. Mullen.

I feel positive that the decisions of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, excluding some Marine Officers, have at this point contributed to the distinct lowering of troop morale by; placing females on Submarines, and allowing gays to be an integral part of any of the services. I only spent 24 years on naval ships and commands and I do not recall any sexual assaults during that time, but those with the power to do so have set the circumstances where these assaults will probably be common.

”No matter how hard, no matter how long, no matter what it takes, the military will pursue this problem with urgency and compassion.”

The previous words are those of Adm. Mullen. I am not even a disgruntled Sailor but this Admiral is, in my opinion one who is in lock step with an administration that knows not that it knows not.
“Implement a new NATO Strategic Concept by placing increased emphasis on cyber security, ballistic missile defense, and nonproliferation. U.S. and NATO will engage Russia in a number of common challenges.”

Again the previous words are those of Adm. Mullen. He acts as though he is unaware that our ballistic missile defense will soon be reduced to 4 FBM Submarines which are to replace the 41 for Freedom Submarines that kept our nation free during the Cold War. How will we deter Russia, China and others that may rally against us?

“Thank you for your superb performance during a critical time in our Nation's history. Your sustained and unwavering investment of intellect, time, and energy has enabled me to provide my very best advice to the President and the Secretary of Defense.”

The closing words are those of Adm. Mullen. The President is not equipped to understand the problems and the Secretary of Defense, as with nearly every SECDEV serving in a democratic administration is the first to step forward to assist in reducing the effectiveness of the Armed Forces.
You might check on that last statement.

Very Respectfully,
E, A. Hughes, FTCM(SS)
US Navy (Retired)