Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The headiness and loneliness of command

Every detachment for cause, as the administrative removal (of Commanding Officers) is known, comes across the desk of Captain Leo Falardeau, head of career development at Navy Personnel Command. Captain Falardeau said the violations often remind him of transgressions from another era, before blogs and cell phone cameras.

“I think there are some cases of guys just not recognizing that the behavior that may have been acceptable years before is no longer acceptable,” he said. “It wasn’t right years before — it isn’t right today — but they just can’t figure it out.”

Tougher enforcement isn’t behind the spate of firings, Captain Falardeau said. Instead, he believes they spring from two factors, one of which is the headiness, and loneliness, of command.

From the NAVY TIMES.  Full story is HERE.


Anonymous said...

Fun side note. The person who actually made the videos onboard ENTERPRISE was an E6 (now a Chief Mass Communications Specialist) named George Kusner. He's at Navy Recruiting, now.

Rubber Ducky said...

I would guess there are a bunch of folks involved in this trainwreck who have downloaded "Resumé Writing For Dummies" and are poring through its pages.