Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A nice bit of work by one of our Shipmates - LT Jason Knudson

You can read his article on the Defense Entrepreneurs Forum HERE.

Find out what he's up to in the CNO's Rapid Innovation Cell HERE in their weekly Apple PODCASTs.

As LT Knudson says, "INNOVATE HARD!"


Anonymous said...

So our first batch of CWEs are Senior JGs(lol) and are approaching the point where they will have to fish or cut bait. By now they have figured out that they are vastly underpaid for what they bring to the fight. Unfortunately there is no way ahead for them to continue what they do and remain in uniform. They will either try to compete in another designator which will require them to diversify to advance or transition to the contractor workforce.

Anonymous said...

I would advise them to get out.!
I wonder what are our Admiral superstars doing about it? Admiral Rogers/Admiral Tighe?
So much for growing the Cyber force...what a bunch of Bologne.
These guys could continue to be project Engineers/ Project Managers/Acquisition managers or even continue codings as Lead engineers.
but, not. We want them to lat Xfer and throw away all their training. Wow...so much for return on Investment! People just continue on to rely on past experiences....and afraid of change! Go Navy.

Anonymous said...

That’s an idea, and not without precedent.

There once was a field that was so technically demanding that the Navy created a special duty officer designator.
Let me think...that was so long ago and things have changed so much... I think that it started with a ‘cry..’

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 11:09AM

Hit the nail on the head.