Thursday, October 9, 2014

U.S. Fleet Cyber Command/U.S. TENTH Fleet Strategic Plan

VADM Barry McCullough's Strategic Plan for Fleet Cyber Command (HERE) is due for a refresh and VADM Jan E. Tighe's staff is working on a tight timeline to deliver a new strategy by 21 November according to a e-mail to her Commanding Officers, Assistant Chiefs of Staff and Special Assistants. It's an ambitious schedule and delivery of the final product is in the very capable hands of Captain Roy Petty (FCC/C10F N5) and ELG (contractor).

For those who have an interest, the schedule looks something like this.

Strategic Plan Development Timeline:
- 15 Oct:  VTC with Leaders providing key information on the Strategic Plan initiative and Q&A
- 17 Oct:  Inputs received from Leaders on Draft Strategic Plan
- 31 Oct:  SME's have fleshed out areas where additional detail is required
- 07 Nov:  N5 provides smooth Draft Strategic Plan to ELG
- 14 Nov:  ELG provides smooth Draft Strategic Plan to VADM Tighe
- 21 Nov:  FCC/C10F Strategic Plan released

The Framework for the new Strategic Plan was distributed to COs, ACOSs and SAs but I don't have a copy available for your review.  Check with your command leadership for more information.


Gary O said...

Interesting. If anyone who reads this blog has a copy of the framework and could send it to me, I would appreciate Iit greatly.

Anonymous said...

We need a contractor to help us do this? Sad.....just sad. Plenty of talent in the community to write a strategic plan.

NSMA said...

Disappointed in the process. I'm on this staff and I dislike finding out about these kinds of efforts through unofficial channels.

I'm thinking every directorate is involved. Even if I wouldn't be given an action, it's a significant enough event that my chain of command should have passed the word that the work was being undertaken.

This lack of communication is not the exception. When I do the follow-up on something like this, it's "Thought I told you about that" or " Sorry. I should have told you about that."

You think? Amazing.

NSMA (Nothing Surprises Me Anymore)

Anonymous said...

Why the rush? There is so much here that really needs to be fixed/updated, especially with such a dated strategy (2011).

- M, T, & E functions in light of the standup of the IDFOR

- Shaping the workforce

- C2 of Cyberspace Operations

- Lack of reference to the EMS

- etc, etc, etc

A more deliberate process would make sense -- take a "fix" and see where we are with this current strategy, then (and only then) outline a new one.

Or, we can rush through it, pay some contractor to make it look pretty, then move on like it doesn't really matter....

And the Navy wonders why we don't trust Senior Leadership...

Mike Lambert said...


Now that you do know the process is underway, you can still provide input via your ACOS or other leader in your chain of command.

Sharing information continues to be a challenge for the Information DOMINANCE Corps. I try to share as much as I can. It's a struggle for me to dig up the information, at times. Usually, if I have it, you get it (with some restrictions to protect those who share info with me).

In the past, I have had the 3 star IDC leader pass info directly to me knowing that I would get it out to the 600+ people on my distro.

CRYPTOCORE was supposed to solve some of the information sharing problems. We just have to share as much as we can among ourselves to try to get it to everyone.

Navy Public Affairs Specialist said...

Navy Public Affairs Specialist said...
If someone could get FCC/C10F to use the CNO model, VADM Tighe could just follow the CNO's lead and publish :
Sailing Directions for FCC/C10F
Posture Statement for FCC/C10F
Navigation Plan for FCC/C10F
Position Report for FCC/C10F
Log Book for FCC/C10F (so we could see what's been published with regard to her speeches, change of command remarks, articles she has written, etc, wtc.)

Anonymous said...

CNO N2/N6 Public Affairs just put this blogpost in their Information Dominance News Clips so it must be official.

Anonymous said...

Navy Public Affairs Specialist makes good sense.

Gary O said...

Even if folks just heard about this strategy update through this blog, you can do something about it now. If the strategy has not been formalized yet, then there is plenty of time for folks who want to provide input to provide it. We might have to fight to get heard or included in the process, but isn't that what we are supposed to be doing. If we are unwilling to make a fuss about this and fight for what we believe needs to be implemented in this strategy to our COs, ACOSs and SAs then we shouldn't gripe about what doesn't get included.

NSMA said...

Mike & Gary:

Thank you so much for telling me I can provide my ACOS with input to the strategic plan. It's very empowering.

Mike caught the crux of my issue. There is a significant lack of communication by and between FCC ACOS leadership, mine included.

As for Gary's comment, I won't / don't gripe about the final plan(s). It'll be fine for the purpose it serves due to the eyes that will be on it before it's approved.

Again, this is about communication. I'll continue to do my part to help improve / influence that overall process. But, I'm not going to "fight" for it.


Anonymous said...

FCC/C10F is very poor about meeting schedules (even their own).

Their IG Office may be among the worst offenders.