Thursday, July 26, 2012

What counts in the Navy

“I believe in what counts most in the Navy – the officers and enlisted men – the man behind the gun, the man in the engine-room, the man in the conning tower, the man, whoever he is, who is doing his duty.”

President Theodore Roosevelt

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Anonymous said...

So true and yet somehow the current crop of Navy leaders have failed to live up to this. They have gotten the enlisted force so out of whack that it will take years to get it right if ever.
New requirements are piled onto the ship and yet none have been removed even though most ships have lost about 15-20% percent of the original commisioning crews.

If you can fill an entire enlisted berthng with officers there is something wrong. No Adm's have been cut so we have almost 400 Admirals to command a navy of 286 ships and no one see's a problem with that.
Of course this is just the opinion of one crazy 6120 LDO.