Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Enduring Mission Vision and Goals of the Center for Information Dominance

The Center for Information Dominance Goals have not changed since they were developed in 2000.  I would say that those are enduring goals.  The mission has evolved to include cyber and intelligence training.  The CO's command philosophy is 'right' on the money.

Mission"The mission of the Center for Information Dominance is to deliver full spectrum Cyber, Information Warfare, and Intelligence training to achieve decision superiority."
Vision"Driving global information dominance for our nation by providing an innovative and adaptive information force."

  • Train for War
  • Take Care of People
  • Leverage Technology
  • Build Positive External Relations
  • Influence Resources and Programs Wisely
CO Command Philosophy
"Do What's Right" (DWR) in implementing the 5 Ps: Purpose, Pride, Patience, Persistence, and Perspective.

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