Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sailors remember

It takes 15 years to gain 15 years of experience.  Despite what you might think, there are not too many short cuts and sometimes we have to go the long way.  Sailors take time to develop into solid leaders.  It's nice to follow them through the years and watch them grow.  Some of our best Second Class Petty Officers from 1997-2000 are strong Master Chiefs today.  Some others are Lieutenants.  One of our First Class Petty Officers from that time is now a Lieutenant Commander selectee - Congratulations Scott Blue.  I salute my crew from U.S. Naval Security Group Activity Yokosuka, Japan.  You've done well.  You've made your Shipmates Proud.  Congratulations also to Ensign Nico Figueroa who gets promoted to LTJG on 31 July.  And special thanks to Master Chief Cedric Rawlinson who returned to Yoko as the Command Master Chief and Lieutenant Commander Andy Reeves who is the OPS officer and will fleet up to XO.  If we can get Commander Mike Elliot in there as Commanding Officer next year, we'll have come full circle.  You Sailors are truly awesome !!

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Anonymous said...

Too many people discount "It takes 15 years to gain 15 years of experience." There is no shortcut to excellence - only sustained, hard work.