Friday, July 13, 2012

Nothing Unreasonable from your men

“Require nothing unreasonable of your officers and men, but see that whatever is required be punctually complied with. Reward and punish every man according to his merit, without partiality or prejudice; hear his complaints; if well founded, redress them; if otherwise, discourage them, in order to prevent frivolous ones. Discourage vice in every shape, and impress upon the mind of every man, from the first to the lowest, the importance of the cause, and what is it they are contending for.”

–– GEN George Washington

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Anonymous said...

Captain Lambert,

It is no wonder that Gen George Washington was selected to be our first President, if he followed the way he presented his words posted here, he had unusual incite and leadership abilities that I do believe were required to mold this country into what we were to become. And beside that I understand he made some good whiskey and profit from that trade to further the ideals of Capitalism. It has been a lot of years since words of this nature have been published by our CIC and I certainly wish that we the people could hear such words again.

Very Respectfully,