Monday, July 2, 2012

Translating ideas to action - Admiral Stavridis advises...

How can the concepts articulated in writing by transformers/ innovators get translated to action?

Obviously, to see a concept translated into action, it must be presented to a decision maker with time to analyze it and the authority to allocate resources to its fulfillment.

Good ideas have to be short, to the point, and practical for a decision maker to want to allocate resources towards it.

They must also fit the perceived need for improvement (what’s broken?) in the eyes of the decision maker.

There is nothing complicated in this.  It amounts to:
  1. Seeing a problem that needs correcting.
  2. Determining a reasonable solution.
  3. Packaging the solution, idea, or concept with a concrete proposal.
  4. Understanding that to see your ideas achieve traction, you have to be willing, in almost every instance, not to get all the credit for the concept.

Good luck!  More on the process HERE  and HERE.

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Justin Rogers ENS, USN (1170) said...

And most important-you have to LEAD it!