Monday, July 30, 2012

Not an endorsement - Heather Beaven, former CT is running for Congress

PALM COAST, FL – Heather Beaven, Navy veteran and CEO of The Florida Endowment Foundation for Florida’s Graduates, announced her intention to run for Congress in Florida’s new 6th Congressional District. 

This is not an endorsement, but it's great to see former cryptologists continuing to serve their country.  I'd love to hear the back story on how President Clinton selected her to serve aboard USS KINKAID.  From her website:

"During her naval service, Beaven was a cryptologist who was awarded a Navy Achievement Medal and selected by President Bill Clinton to serve on the USS Kinkaid, a Spruance-class destroyer, making her one of the first 10 female Sailors to sail on a combat-ready vessel."  You can read more about her HERE


cynical member of the voting public said...

I agree that it's good to see former navy guys and gals continue to serve..and especially former CTs.

Unfortunately, the rhetorician in me wakes up whenever I read the offical biography of anybody seeking (or already holding) public office.

First, I think the bio on her website far overestimates what the value the electorate would place in a Navy Achievement Medal.

Second: I thought BUPERS detailed sailors, not the White House.

This might just be some text in need of tightening up...or it might be something else.

Florida voters will have to make their own decisions on this.

Anonymous said...

Decorated Navy veteran??? Are there any that aren't?

It just shows the American people don't know crap about the military.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh...reminds me of my last fitrep.

CWO4 Brian L. Ashpole, USN-Retired said...

When I thing "decorated," I think about awards for Valor.

James Hammersla said...

I know in the first 10 years I was in the Marine Corps, I received two personal awards, a Joint Service Achievement Medal and a Navy Achievement Medal. Once OIF & OEF began then awards got a bit crazy. One of the best First Sergeants I ever had, wore NO personal awards but plenty of service and campaign awards. Mrs. Beaven should be proud of whatever recognition she received; at least she is not claiming awards she never received.

Mike Lambert said...

This is a former Sailor to be proud of, for certain.

Anonymous said...

I am glad to see a former sailor continuing to serve. Hopefully the values instilled during her Naval Service will allow her to do great things.
As for her Navy Achievement Medal it appears she earned it during the era when earning one was still hard. I believe it was 1998 when the rules were relaxed and the free for all began.
6120 OPS Tech LDO

Anonymous said...

It took me seven minutes of searching to find out which party this decorated vet was running for. And even then, I had to go to the newspaper article section to see what they said about her. . .

Anonymous said...

Anon at 9:13

And your point is?

Anonymous said...

"I'd love to hear the back story on how President Clinton selected her to serve aboard USS KINKAID. "

Wouldn't we all ... in the research I have done, it clearly indicates that the USS Kinkaid was NOT the first combat ready ship to allow women. So it would be interesting to know how she managed to be one of the first 10. And just because the President's name is signed to your orders, doesn't mean you were personally selected by him.

I can tell you from personal experience that her bio is overinflated. For example, her "statewide" non-profit, had locations in maybe 10 -12 communities during it's peak ... yes they were all over the state, but I would hardly consider that state-wide.

I also read somewhere that her company was in a $20million fundraising campaign. Ask her how much she has raised? Aside from some grants that a few senators helped her get, she's raised a few thousand on her own, and her national affiliate has raised the majority of it from their board. She is a farce.