Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tips from Valve Software for Navy leaders

First, senior Navy leadership should express an inspirational mission for their Sailors, describing the overriding goals of the Navy and how those goals serve both the Department of the Navy and the American people.

Second, Navy leaders at all levels of command should communicate and model those goals, ensuring that all Sailors in the Navy are on the same page.

Third, deckplate leaders — those supervising Sailors at the deckplates — should help all Sailors see how their own individual actions play a role in achieving the Navy's goals.

This is what provides meaning to the Navy's mission.

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Christopher said...

Valve has an interesting management model with lots of matrixing for software projects and no clear management (at least from the article I read). There hiring practices are unique as well, with lots of consensus to minimize personality clashes.

They posted their Valve Handbook online as well.