Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Friends over at LeaderLab put this out

Take a look at your Navy Information Operations Command. How many of these characteristics do you share? If the answer is “not many”, then your Commanding Officer has a whack of work to do because this is the type of environment that moves commands from the comfort zone to the significant zone.
  1. Inaction is frowned upon.
  2. Fire, Ready, Aim is the mantra.
  3. Failure is lauded. 
  4. Every innovation is applauded and the great ones rewarded
  5. Successful innovations are Navy sea story folklore.
  6. The leaders have track records of innovation success.
  7. The organization reeks of pride
You can read more HERE.

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Anonymous said...

Captain Lambert,

I understand that I am old and obsolete but the 7 items listed are nothing but word games and in connecting to the real truth of success in this world there is more than word games, what is not mentioned in this article is the same old game, the words speak innovation but that is not really where it is in general, it is still the same old story and that story is buy low and sell high, that has to be modified a little from what it was years ago, before the Orient became the production capital of the world. Apple was pointed out as being one of the greatest companies of the world, and their balance sheet will show that to be true, Apple struggled for many years in the computer business, they did make the best personal processor (computer) on the market, my opinion, but that computer was more expensive than other computers on the market called IBM Compatibles and Apple never gained their market share, and until Apple moved their production to foreign markets they still lagged, but thanks to toys, games, cell phones and other iThings Apple has become the greatest innovator in the world, and it has all been due to the foreign worker who will work for a couple of dollars per hour, where the United States worker has to have $20 or $30 per hour, one does not have to have a degree in mathematics to figure how innovative this practice is. And these same mathematicians wonder where all the jobs in the USA went.

These folks are touting such companies as Amazon and Google as being innovative but when you have no product you usually have to revert to using devious methods to keep fooling the public, remember the dot com debacle ?

Today another dot com (Facebook,com) that has not been in existence for 10 years yet is issuing the largest IPO in history, every time it is mentioned it goes up in value by more billions. And just think these folks do not even have a product you can hold in your hand and that type thing can evaporate nearly instantaneously, and has in the past.

Very Respectfully,