Thursday, May 24, 2012

Navy SEAL appeals for megalopsychia - 'greatness of soul'

Former Navy SEAL Eric Grietens, PhD, (CEO, The Mission Continues) addressed the 3,360 graduates of Tufts University at their commencement ceremony on 22 May.  To these graduating young people, Greitens issued a unique challenge, one rarely heard at commencements today: to sacrifice, to serve one's country and to live magnanimously

Eric challenged the graduates to think above and beyond their own dreams, their own desires, and to be strong. Aristotle called this megalopsychia, greatness of soul, and considered it one of the greatest moral virtues.
Eric challenged them to ask themselves, 'What kind of service can I provide? What kind of positive difference can I make in the lives of others?'

“You can endure the ‘how’ if you have the right ‘why’,” Greitens said. “The ‘why’ must always be larger than you.”

He told them that if they worked every day to live an answer to that question, then they would be stronger.

“Life is about getting it right one day at a time.  You will have to deal with pain, suffering and fear ­— but with that you will gain wisdom, strength and courage.”

Adapted from various news reports.

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