Monday, May 21, 2012

New Information Warfare Commanders

Belated congratulations to the newest group of Information Warfare Lieutenant Commanders who were selected for Commander.  BZ!

Chris Weech (Above Zone)
Brian Barrow (In Zone)
Kevin Lock (In Zone)
Dom Lovello (In Zone)
Bill Daniels (In Zone)


C10F AO said...

I know them all. Solid Naval officers; pretty good IWs. No rock stars but all players, for sure.

Anonymous said...

The stats from the board (produced just after the board adjourned) indicated 1 AZ and 5 IZs were selected for a total of 6. However, the list only had 1 AZ and 4 IZs for a total of 5. Looks as though one person was removed from the list during the review process.

Bryan Lopez said...

Well done, gents

Anonymous said...

Dom Lovello is one of the best officers (any designator) and leaders I've ever had the pleasure to work with.

And I've been a SWO and Naval Aviator!

My kids' Mom said...

C10F AO,

Your comment made me giggle.

Could you please name a few IWs "rock stars"? And they have to be on active duty. That would be interesting. Thank you.


C10F AO said...

Rock Stars in the IW community...

Bryan Lopez

Heidi Berg

Mike Elliot

Nick Homan

Mark Ratkus

Tim White

Anonymous said...

Anon at 11:54 PM

Claim your post and name yourself.

What does one of the best mean? In the Top 100, Top 50?

Sean Heritage said...

C10F AO - Any one of us could add significantly to that list. Let's make it a point to grow the number of perceived "Rock Stars". To build on your metaphor, I'd rather us build a band that can actually play well together. That's when the best music is made...

C10F AO said...

@ Sean

A band is nice but we have to have a lead singer. These selectees can't carry a tune in a bucket.

Anonymous said...

Believe individual had a security problem and dropped off the list.

Anonymous said...

C10F AO, you're our lead singer AND Rock Star. We could not have done it without you. Thank You.

Anonymous said...

Great batch of folks. Well done.

C10F AO said...

I'm not anything special. Just a singer in a rock and roll band.

My kids' Mom said...

I just love this blog!!

Anonymous said...

C10F AO,
Don't sell yourself short. You are the self appointed identifier of Rock Stars for the community. We need perfect people like you to point out the imperfections of the rest of us.

Sean Heritage said...

C10F AO - Saddens me that you would say such a thing about our selectees. If that is the case (and I don't share your opinion), then we let them down, we are responsible, and we need to help them reach our potential. That is the approach that could turn you from an "AO" into a "CO". And if you have already had Command, well, that disappoints all of us even more. When you are ready to make a difference, please let us know...we could use the help.

C10F AO said...

I apologize to anyone who was offended by my comments about the selectees. We all discuss it in the office among ourselves and I can tell you the comments are much more severe. The consensus in our small group was that these were good guys but nothing remarkable. They really don't compare to Captain Berg or Nick Homan or the others I mentioned. I'll keep any further comments to myself. I'm glad these guys were selected. I know that the board selects the 'best qualified'.

Anonymous said...

C10F AO, are we to assume you were a non-select this year?

CAPT, USN said...

I've known everyone of these selectees for years. I have had the unique pleasure of watching them from near and afar, personally and professionally. THEY ARE ALL ROCK STARS!!! I recently had a conversation with one of the board members who told me this was a very competitive year; probably the most competitive in the last 5 years. The board member said there were so many OUTSTANDING LCDRs IZ (and AZ). Some of the folks who did not make it were separated by a minuscule amount from those that made it. Unfortunately for our Navy, they had to leave a lot of great people on the table this year.

Mike Lambert said...


Hear hear !!

Anonymous said...

@ C10F AO

Any problems with these selections can be addressed to Captain James Brokaw, Captain Susan Cerovsky or Captain Justin Kershaw.

Anonymous said...

As an 1810 LT, these are the comments that frighten me:

"Some of the folks who did not make it were separated by a minuscule amount from those that made it. Unfortunately for our Navy, they had to leave a lot of great people on the table this year."

Is the separation really that thin? What is it that makes the difference? No one really discusses this with us in our wardroom. When I was an ensign we were all going to have official mentors. Nothing ever happened. No one ever follows through. Everybody just seems to go their own way. I'm okay with that but don't like to hear "EVERYBODY IS GREAT, EVERYBODY IS A SUPERSTAR, EVERYBODY IS AN AWESOME IW." Seems like if everybody is then no one is. We seem to all be uniquely the same.

SAILOR BOB member said...

My observations:

1. The process is as fair a process as can be executed by humans.
2. The first two lines and the last two lines of a fitrep are what you want to focus on (and question) when you brief out with your reporting senior.
3. There are almost no bad billets. Just bad timing.
4. If you're forced to write your own fitrep, provide your reporting senior with the correct "soft" breakouts. These generally occur in the first and last two lines of your fitrep write-up.
5. Know your reporting seniors reporting average for your rank. This generally isn't filled in when you brief with the reporting senior. Be proactive and ask about it. They owe you an answer and explaination about how you fall in their average. You can get a fitrep that you think is "good," but is really a head shot if you don't ask this question.
6. If you are below your reporting seniors group and cumulative average, you better have a "soft" breakout explaining it away.
7. There are two ways to communicate with the promotion board outside the fitrep process. Learn the difference, and use them appropriately. There is the Letter to the Board (must be briefed) that is addressed to the president of the Board. Be careful with this one because it must be briefed. If you go this route, you probably need a champion outside the board. There is also a letter to the board not addressed to the president of the board. This may or may not be briefed, but can be strategically used by the service member to provide context to the briefer or the recorder to update your record.
8. Manage your AQD block. It won't get you promoted, but it might keep you from falling out of the mix in the crunch. Fill it with qualifications.
9. If you don't know what the crunch is, you better learn what it means and work like hell to keep yourself out of it.
10.You are the only one who is responsible (or really cares) for your record. Know what it says, know what it means, and keep it up to date.
11. It's Christmas in Millington when it comes to awards.
12. It's not Christmas in Millington when it comes to education achievements. Those need to be documented with transcripts.
13. Millington and Memphis have great BBQ.
14. Stay for the entire 2 weeks. Folks will be rushing for the door, but the extra investment in time is worth the education you get seeing the whole process.

Mike Lambert said...

Try to make your point without profanity.

3 comments have been deleted.

Sean Heritage said...

C10F - Would welcome the opportunity to work with you. Please look me up in the global (completely non-attributional) and we can work together so others may perceive you the way you perceive Captains Berg and Homan.

CAPT, USN - Leaving outstanding officers on the table is unfortunate for those not selected, but the sign of a healthy community. So much better than leaving quotas on the table. I am in zone next year and know that I am at risk...lots of talent to choose from, which speaks of a strong team.

Anon 11:50 - When done properly, Reporting Seniors make the selections obvious and the job of the board easier. To Anon 12:03's point, too many RSs choose play the roll of nice "guy" and make everyone look great on paper, making the job of the board that much more challenging than it needs to be.

Anon 12:03 - I'm in the global and would love to be your mentor, official or otherwise. Best part of being a Shipmate in my opinion. Please send me a note.

Sailor Bob member - I had the honor of being a voting member on the most recent LCDR Board and second your observations. Well stated!

Can't wait to see the list we helped make gets scrutinized to the nth degree. Again, it's about being a brutally honest RS when we need to be. Not a role I personally enjoy, but a responsibility we need to take a bit more seriously.

Chuck said...

C10F AO:

I agree that all those listed are rock stars, bar none. I have worked with every one on your list directly except one, who put up with my crap as my detailer. None of them, however, were up for CDR this year.

So try broadening your perspective a bit. There are rock stars at all levels of the IW/CT community, many whom you may have never had the pleasure of serving with in the past, to include some of those selected by this board.

So instead of throwing stones at those you don't think make the cut, how about doing something to recognize those who you think do. Maybe submitting a peer nomination for the Captain Rochefort IW Officer Leadership Award would be a start?

And have the guts to sign your name to it.


LCDR Chuck Hall

SWODog said...

You 1810s are ridiculously funny. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

No problem with any of these selectees. The Navy picked well and will be well served in the future. Nice job.

Mike Lambert said...

@ Anon 4:34 PM