Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Icon Retires - Captain Kevin Hooley

Captain Kevin Hooley
Tim Bovill
Naval Network Warfare Command
Director, Human & Command Resources

Wanted to let you all know that I attended a ceremony IHO of CAPT Kevin Hooley yesterday as he finalizes his days on active duty.  ADM Harvey, U.S. Fleet Forces, was present and said, "when I saw Kevin's award come across my desk, I will sign it under the condition that I present it!"
Sure enough, he did.

After 40 years of active duty, his time has come to retire.  Not many have taken Kevin's path, Seaman to LDO and ultimately reaching the rank of Captain, but a few come to mind....Captains Al Ross, Larry Schaffer, Clyde Lopez, Jim Newman, Tom Botulinski, Craig Eaton, and still on active duty, Jim Brokaw.  I'm sure there are plenty more.  Each of these individuals would tell they all had good mentors and great Chiefs that kept them in line and on the right track.  Yesterday, Kevin gave all the credit for his success to many people but he was extremely grateful for the Chief's mess's throughout his career.

Kevin enlisted in 1972 and after 10 years as a CTR (a real Morse Code kind of guy), he was commissioned via the LDO program (1982).  To recap his spectacular career, his sea duty (PCS and DIRSUP) and shore duty assignments included:

- USS ENTERPRISE (CVN 65) (on last deployment)
- USS HANCOCK (CV 19) (decommissioned)
- USS ORISKANY (CVA 34) (decommissioned)
- USS MIDWAY (CV 41) (decommissioned)
- USS RANGER (CVA 61) (decommissioned)
- USS OKLAHOMA CITY (CG 5 (hull number 5, really Kevin??)
- USS WORDEN (CG 18) (decommissioned)
- USS REEVES (CG 24) (decommissioned)
- USS JOUETT (DLG 29) (decommissioned)
- USS STERETT (CG 31) (decommissioned)
- USS BAINBRIDGE (CGN 25) (decommissioned)
- USS IOWA (BB 61) (decommissioned)
- USS PARCHE (SSN 683) (decommissioned)
- USS SARGO (SSN 583) (decommissioned)
- USS POLLACK (SSN 603) (decommissioned)

- Naval Communications Training Center, Pensacola, FL
- U.S. NAVCOMMSTA, Philippines
- U.S. NAVSECGRUACT Clark AB, Philippines
- U.S. NAVSECGRUACT Misawa Japan
- SPAWAR Washington DC
- SPECWAR, Coronado, CA
- U.S. NAVSECGRUACT Bad Aibling (Commanding Officer) (decommissioned)
- CINCLANTFLT (now Fleet Forces Command)
- U.S. Naval Forces, Central Command/U.S. FIFTH Fleet
- Center for Cryptology/Center for Information Dominance (Commanding
- CNO Strategic Studies Group, Newport, RI
- Naval Network Warfare Command, Norfolk, VA
- Navy Cyber Forces Command, Virginia Beach, VA

In his remarks yesterday, Kevin said...."when you see me sitting on my porch, gazing and smiling at the sky, know that I am thinking of all of you!"

Fair Winds and Following Seas Captain Hooley. 


Anonymous said...

That, ladies and gentlemen, is service.

LCDR T. Murphy said...

As an intel officer that worked under CAPT Hooley while out at NAVCENT / 5th FLT, I can say without reservation that CAPT Hooley was one of the best Navy officers I've worked with.

His influence lives on in all of us who worked with him and for him.

CTRC(SW/AW) Martin said...

Captain Hooley was the best I have seen. Fair winds, sir!!

Mike Lambert said...


What you have done in your career will echo for an eternity.

Apologies to Marcus Aurelius.

All the best

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to that LJjg that was afraid of flying I use to support?
Fair winds and following seas..
-Ray Burns

Anonymous said...

Captain Lambert,

As the author of “Anchor Up Chiefs” I know that you have seen what you consider to be a degradation of the CPO Mess in the later portion of your career. The question in my mind is why did that situation occur? CAPT Kevin Hooley must have been incorrect in his opinion of the CPO, if, Anchor Up Chiefs, has any validity, it would appear that he praised the Chiefs for bringing him up in the Navy, and his service was concurrent with yours as near as my math can calculate. By the way I was a Chief Petty Officer before either of you gentleman enlisted in the Navy and it is my opinion that the Chiefs position of authority and responsibility was degraded by the Officers of the Navy simply due to their ranking position, where these officers overruled the Chief. And that is what led to, Anchor Up Chiefs.

Very Respectfully,

LCDRLDO/6440 said...

A real Navy Mustang! Got his commission the hard way - he earned it. Thank you CAPT Hooley for your inspiration and leadership.

Bill Richardson said...

Capt. Hooley, has a very young CTRSN on the Okie Boat I knew you had what it took (BTW, Kevin R Hooley was the CTRSN. Take a rest, for Christ's sake.. You earned it.
Bill "Rich" Richardson

Anonymous said...

Good on him for changing but talk about revisionist history. It's a miracle that this shanty Irish donkey didn't die from sclerosis of the liver let alone lived to make Captain. Was it God? A 12 Step Program? Love of a Good Woman? Maybe all three? The only time "Bagooley' drew a sober breath while he was an elistedman was when he was at sea. Functional Alcoholic whose reputation far exceeded his skill set. This so called 'icon' has large clay feet and his career was based on printing the legend rather than the facts. C Peck. San Miguel/GOT/Misawa