Sunday, January 8, 2012

Shout Out for One of the Best 1810 Cryptologic Leaders I Know

One of the guys that I feel truly honored to be associated with has some critical leadership traits that more of our cryptologists need to embrace.  Here are the traits that he has which have made him more significant in our Navy:

  • He is always looking for ways to make a difference.
    He sees his own job description as the bare minimum. Throughout his Navy career he has created opportunities. I think that’s a big part of what leaders do. He identifies opportunities and applies himself and his team, frequently without invitation to do so.  And he takes a large part of their crew right along with them - sometimes kicking and screaming (with delight).
  • He follows that overwhelming desire to take action and leads his crew to more action.
    He uses the regular hours of his day job as a commanding officer to teach his Sailors that there is no known limit to their capabilities.  He and his crew seem to have a voracious appetite for learning and teaching. They thrive on multiple tasks or projects, which lead to increased productivity.  He and his team are always talking about "excess command capacity for more work."  Then they go into action to use that excess capacity to the Navy's advantage.
  • He exerts his influence as much as possible.
    He resigned from the Navy at one point in frustration over major differences in direction.  As a leader  he's been in the trenches long enough to stand above it all and provide his crew with a big picture view where the whole team can assess cause and effect.
  • He always helps other would-be leaders. 
Thanks Shipmate.  You know who you are.  And, so does most everyone else.

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6440 LCDR - Active said...

I know 5 guys like this in command now. It's not that unusual. Our guys don't get to command by mistake. Thoughtful leaders put them there, despite your suggestions to the contrary captain (with a small "c", I might add).