Saturday, January 28, 2012

Captain Howie Ehret - Make room

An iconic figure of the former Naval Security Group, Captain Howie Ehret passed away recently and his Shipmate Rusty Smith shared some thoughts about this significant individual.

"...Which leads me to a “Howie-ism” I’d like to pass along.  Howie had many “…isms” that he’d dredge up to describe an event or condition while making a point.  For instance, if confronted with a calamitous set issues, as his friend Captain John Mitchell recently recalled, Howie would say “when dealing with a bucket of worms, you gotta deal with one worm at a time.”  

But the Howie-ism that I want to pass along is, “we make room for what’s important.”  We make room for what’s important.  I commend that little thought to you whenever you’re debating priorities in life.  We make room for what’s important to us.  Be they our personal priorities or in the everyday observation of others, room is made for what’s important.  So simple in its obviousness yet far more telling when applied to our personal choices or in witnessing what other people or organizations do.  For example, all of us here today, Howie’s loving family, the great community of Sonoma, its dignitaries, Howie’s good friends, those who knew Howie well or those who knew him just in passing, we’re all making room here today for something important, for some-one important. "

Make some room.  There is more to come about this iconic figure in our cryptologic heritage.  You can read about the celebration of his life HERE.

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