Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fleet Cyber Command/TENTH Fleet - SECOND Anniversary

Can't let this day pass without notice. U.S. Fleet Cyber Command/TENTH Fleet was established on 29 January 2010. Much progress has been made over the past two years. There is much more work to be done. BZ!

As VADM Barry McCullough said a year ago today, "To remain a global maritime force, our Navy must advance its capability and capacity to plan and execute cyberspace operations. Our way forward will address the talent, capabilities, processes, and partnerships necessary to achieve our vision of cyberspace superiority for dominant seapower."

The folks at U.S. Fleet Cyber Command/TENTH Fleet are making it happen.


Anonymous said...

Can you name something that 10th Fleet has accomplished, other than grab a bunch of billets. It is not readily visible to those of us in the fleet.

Captain - Special Duty Cryptology said...

@ Anonymous

Are you trolling or are you serious?

It would help to know if I am answering a Seaman or a Commander.

The answer is somewhat different.

James Hammersla said...

10th Fleet operations may not be readily visible to you if you are aboard a ship depending on where you work.

Not knowing your raiting/designator, the easiest place for you to ask what 10th Fleet is doing for the Fleet would be your Electronic Warfare Module in CIC. The EWO or Chief can probably get you some good information, who knows, you may learn something about how your ship is kept safe other than 'hard kill' tactics.

Anonymous said...


It is never my intent to go out of my way try to point out others mistakes, I make many mistakes and I try to learn from those mistakes, but when the basics of nomenclature fail you then all this stuff about, Electronic Warfare Module in CIC. The EWO and “hard kill tactics” are meaningless to the reader. The word you want is probably rating, not raiting. Never being allowed in CIC when any event of importance was taking place, and by the same token those CIC personnel were never allowed in the Fire Control Plotting Room during Fire Control exercises. We lived by that time of some years ago by observing the “need to know basis”, and that I expect that is no longer observed, but other things such as spelling and nomenclature should carry on as necessary.


James Hammersla said...

Master Chief,
Yes, I meant rating vice raiting. Trying to blog from an iPhone is not recommended, that silly autocorrect got me.
The need to know concept is indeed still around. I can tell you first hand that alot of discussion points on EW, hard and soft kill are now in the ESWS PQS and available to anyone onboard to include the original poster, was just pointing him where to go to answer his quesstion on what 10th Fleet may be doing for "those in the fleet".

Anonymous said...

James Hammersla,

I follow you and the iPhone problem, this high tech stuff is not meant for some of the times that folks use it. I do not have an iPhone, an iPad or a Blackberry or even a cell phone. I may be behind time but I have nothing in mind these days except to keep up with Grandchildren, and to try to read a few things about the Navy and the world. It seems that I cannot even keep up with the changes (i.e. ESWS PQS) but my computer allows me to find out these things.

It still just amazes me that a lot of the information that is available, is so easily available, ships position and schedule, weapons types and capabilities, even ships speed and other capabilities were all things we could never tell those that did not have the need to know.

We as a country gave the Chinese missile technology that allowed them to shoot down an errant satellite, even before we had that capability. And we continue to give what were secret things, to Russia and other countries who are not our friends. These things in my opinion will come back to bite us.

The identities of some IW personnel are fairly well hidden but in Goggling your name I do find you are a Commissioned Officer. I do not have the need to know, but I will sign off as if you were.

BTW (that’s text talk or whatever they call it these days), your iPhone got you again, you might check (quesstion) on your last post, concerning this subject.

I am sure that you are a busy individual protecting our country but I still believe, attention to detail (spelling) is important. One looses credibility if their writing has misspelled words. My first division Officer on the USS Manchester (CL 83) back in 1955 told me that, and I have tried to keep that in mind for the past 56 years or so, but I still misspell some words, thank God for spell checkers and such folks as Bill Gates.

Very Respectfully,