Friday, January 13, 2012

Being effective in the world

To be effective in the world, it is not sufficient to be well-read. One must also write clearly and succinctly. It is not easy to write well. It means studying to gain a good vocabulary, and practicing to learn how to use it. Joseph Conrad compared writing to carrying heavy bails under a low rope on a hot day. It has been said that good writing is inherently subversive; I agree. Good writing can last for years, stimulating, and inspiring those who read it, and causing them to reassess their views of the world and its institutions. But then, of course, we have gone full circle to the importance of reading books.

Admiral H. Rickover


My kids' Mom said...

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Anonymous said...

Captain Lambert,

I must respectfully disagree with the Admiral in one of the words of his writing; he stated “good writing can last for years”, but that is incorrect, good writing can last “forever” and I believe that is a long time to provide stimulating, and inspiring words for those who read those words, and could cause them reassess their views of the world and its institutions.

Very Respectfully,