Thursday, January 19, 2012

FY13 Information Warfare Officer Captain Selection Board

RDML Sean R. Filipowski, Captain Steve L. Parode and Captain Tim White represented the IW community as members on the recent FY13 IWO Captain Selection Board.

Key experiences in the Competitive Category: Information Warfare (181X)
1. Cyber Operations and Planning
2. Joint Experience

Information Warfare Community Considerations:  Demonstrated expertise in one or more of the core missions of electronic warfare, computer network operations and signals intelligence is the foundation of Navy Information Warfare.  Information Warfare officers should have balanced professional experience, to include demonstrated leadership, Navy and Joint operational proficiency and qualifications, and technical expertise.  Proven and sustained superior performance in documented positions of leadership and in  difficult, challenging and arduous operational assignments is the ultimate test of readiness for promotion.


Anonymous said...

What the URL board members will really vote for:

1. The CDR wearing the same warfare device as me.
2. The CDR with the most sea time.

Justin Rogers ENS, USN (1170) said...

HOOYAH CAPT Tim White!!! He did an outstanding cyber lecture at the Academy some time ago and I remember having an expectation in my head of what crypies are like, and what I got was totally different, but good nonetheless!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:31 - Clearly you have never been in the tank during a promotion board. The briefer makes or breaks the record and the voters follow his/her lead. I'd welcome any one of the three that represented us this time around to brief my record

Anonymous said...

I could not think of a finer group to choose the Captains of tomorrow.

LCDRLDO/6440 said...

"I could not think of a finer group to choose the Captains of tomorrow."

Let's see the results.

Sean Heritage said...

LCDR/6440 LDO - The results are merely a reflection of what reporting seniors were (un)willing to say on FITREPs over time. We choose to be nice guys/gals, defer the tough decisions to the board, and then scrutinize the results. If we don't like the results, it's the actions of reporting seniors that we may want to scrutinize. Are we holding up our end of the bargain as reporting seniors? I can assure you any board who reads a FITREP signed by me won't have to read between the lines. Makes for some uncomfortable debriefs, but that comes with the responsibility.

I also hope you choose to assess these three great Americans by what they continue to do over the course of a career rather than the 2 hours (at best) they spend lobbying for our best and brightest.