Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Under Attack

"Our networks are under attack on a regular basis, and we want to hear about the capabilities industry is building to deter this threat," said Navy Capt. Don Harder, Information Assurance and Cyber Security Program Office deputy program manager.

According to Internet security firm McAfee in 2010, 20 million new malware, or malicious software, was found with a record growing number of 55,000 new malwares per day. The United States Cyber Command announced that Department of Defense networks are scanned and probed by cyber threat enthusiasts at least six million time per day.

"The next battle is in the information domain, and the first shots have already been fired,"  said Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Gary Roughead.

"Our vision for cyber security within the Department of Defense and the Navy is to conduct agile cyber operations to ensure mission success. Missions should be difficult to disrupt," said Joshua Caplan, SPAWAR System Center Pacific integrated cyber operations portfolio manager.


Anonymous said...

This will utlimately come down to resources. Ideally, with the forthcoming drawdown in DoD budget which will include Force and Platform the warfare barons in the "Five Sided Wind Tunnel" known as the Pentagon can manage to save a few dollars for cyber...but only time will tell if the Navy is all talk or is willing to put its money where its mouth is.

Anonymous said...

Agree anon 1:39. Is is easy to make speeches. It is even easier to lump all the pesky communities in one directorate and pin the rose on them and forget about it. Will we see real network security: adequate manning for information assurance, biometerics, trained sysadmins, accountability? I'm not holding my breathe.