Thursday, September 8, 2011

18th Navy Commanding Officer Fired

Commander Mark Olson, Commanding Officer of USS THE SULLIVANS becomes the Navy's 18th CO fired in 2011. The ship erroneously fired on a fishing vessel during a gunnery exercise.


Anonymous said...

The commanding officer of USS The Sullivans has been relieved of his duties after a fishing vessel was mistaken for a target during a gunnery exercise last month.

CDR Mark Olson is reported to be the CO that was relieved.

The Navy may have mistakenly relived the wrong man!

Anonymous said...

Unless I'm mistaken the previous CO was relieved for cause for hitting a buoy. There might be some deeper seated problems in USS THE SULLIVANS than are apparent at first glance.

C-dore 14

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, the IW community has some good news: an IW officer was selected for the White House Fellowship.

Anonymous said...

'The ship erroneously fired on a fishing vessel during a gunnery exercise.' WTF?

Looks like last year will be exceeded? This is sad.

Anonymous said...

Of course you know today is the anniversary of the 1923 Honda Point tragedy.

Steve said...

USS William D. Porter, DD-579 had a Checkered record of accidentally firing on friendly units, including an accidental
Torpedo launch at USS IOWA BB61 with FDR on board. In that incident, the entireCrew was arrested and ship confiscated as
Evidence for trials. PORTER once exploded a Mine it carried and in another, fired a deck gun at a base commander’s quarters. DD 579
Recouped somewhat in WWII but she will Ever be marginalia for her ‘attack’ on The POTUS.
-Wikipdia, i.alli

Willie D

Old "Willie D" just fired at me - like yesterday at you,
Thanks be, his aim should take no blame
It's poor, and that is true
If but a slightly better shot from careful aim, he finally got,
One rues to think what he might sink,
For, that he might well do --

A battleship is large enough within old William’s windage - rough
To give the POTUS time-late notice:
Mark 1 is on its way.

At a distance, Fritz and crew watch Porter shoot at me, then you,
"No need to waste a U-boat wish,
That Yank might have a lucky fish.

For FDR, it's not all bad - Old Porter's got him fighting mad.
Joe Stalin he’ll invite to sea,
Two thousand yards from Willie D.

© S C Myers 030807

Anonymous said...

The last communications between the Gunnery Officer and the Captain was unintelligible, but a nearby phone talker said it sounded as though there was some question as to whether they should fire on the up roll or the down roll, and the word was to check Practices of Successful Commands - Part IV for clarification.