Sunday, September 25, 2011

Retired General Provides Free Leadership Lessons and Guidance

General Stan McChrystal has established McChrystal Group - Leadership Solutions For Complex Problems.  You can visit their website HERE.  And even better than that, you can subscribe to the McChrystal Channel on YouTube HERE.  Great leadership advice from a great leader.  The price?  Your time.  You won't find a better deal anywhere.  I guarantee it!


Anonymous said...

Presumably he'll include advise about talking with the media...

Anonymous said...

Captain Lambert,

Wow, sounds good to me when I see this impressive list of things one may accomplish, but I saw nothing in the list about not talking about the boss when you had a drink or two.

After viewing all the videos and contemplating their effect, I somehow visualized that those that teach leadership might wear a tie and not roll their shirt sleeves up. But the guy who led to his unwanted retirement does the same thing, I must be wrong in how I visualize a leader in their presentation of themselves.

Very Respectfully,