Saturday, September 10, 2011

Some Notable Readers of My Blog - Thanks for stopping by

Admiral Tim Keating, former Commander, Pacific Fleet.

Lieutenant Commander Bob Maguire, Limited Duty Officer, former Commanding Officer, U.S. Naval Security Group Bad Aibling, Germany

Seaman Jim Aronson, USS Ronald Reagan

Widow of a Wounded Marine

CPO Jonathan Routszong - one of my awesome Sailors from NSGA Yokosuka, Japan

Allison - Author of the USN Chic blog

Commander Launtz Rodgers - great Navy guy

Mark Thompson - Pulitzer prize winning author and Time Magazine columnist

Liz Wiseman - Wall Street Journal best selling author of MULTIPLIERS

OPNAV Action Officer

NNWC Staff Member

Admiral Gary Roughead - Chief of Naval Operations

Rear Admiral Ned Deets - Former Commander, Naval Network Warfare Command

MCPO Hughes - Author of "Once I Was A Navyman"

Commander Sean Heritage - Commanding Officer, Navy Information Operations Command Pensacola

My Kid's Mom in Sweden

Captain Tom Botulinski - retired Deputy Commander, Naval Security Group Command

Commander Tim May, former Commanding Officer, Navy Information Operations Command Menwith Hill, UK

Lieutenant General Mike Maples, former Director, Defense Intelligence Agency

You - the unnamed person reading now.  THANK YOU FOR STOPPING BY. 

And, more than 3,856 others - all named ANONYMOUS !

If you are erroneously listed as a reader and do not wish to be, send me a note.  
If you are a notable reader and are not listed, send me a note.


Anonymous said...

We are over 50% legion. :)

Joe Sullivan said...

Mike, I saw that Kirk Harness passed away on 7 September. Do you have any further information?

CTMCM Kent Marcantel, Ret. said...

I certainly wouldn't consider myself "distinguished", but I am a regular reader.

Captain - Special Duty Cryptology said...


Kirk battled cancer and caught pneumonia while on vacation. His body was too weak to fight it off.

Captain - Special Duty Cryptology said...

MCPO Marcantel,

You are distinguished in my book.

Jim Murphy said...

Congrats...some very distinguished folks on there. Also nice to see the names of some old Shipmates.


Anonymous said...

Captain Lambert,

I know you are aware of some of the things that I pick on in general. And I wish to make one change to your list of readers, my work is titled “Once I Was A Navyman” with Navy man being one word. I do realize that it is typically two words, but I used poetic license to make it one word in my work.

I do appreciate your including me in your list of readers of your blog “I LIKE THE CUT OF HIS JIB”. I am honored Captain!

MCPO Hughes