Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Stolen from Extreme Leader - Steve Farber

"There are many naval officers out there who think they want to be Commanding Officers, only to find themselves in command of two to four hundred officers, Sailors and Chiefs who expect them to demonstrate some genuine leadership, and then discover that all they really wanted was to wear a command pin, scrambled eggs on their cover and have premium parking.”
If, however, you do make the choice to leap into the ring, it’s because of your love of the challenge, the adventure, and that love is what makes the fear of the “sport” worthwhile. Not only do you accept the fear as part of the experience, the fear — in large part — creates and defines the experience. Extreme would not be extreme without fear. And fear would not be worth it without the love of the game.

The same is true of Extreme Leadership: it is the dynamic interplay of fear and love-two of the most powerful forces in the human experience. And in my estimation, those who actively and intentionally use the experience of fear and love everyday in their attempts to change things for the better — in whatever arena — are Extreme Leaders.

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Sean Heritage said...

Recently read two of Steve's books. Too few of us embrace the idea of LOVE as an element of leadership and he does a good job of making people know how critical the demonstration of love is to effectively leading. I especially liked his book Greater Than Yourself. In that one he tells a nice story of mentorship and makes it clear that those of us who are serious about mentoring others need to focus on making others better than we are. Growing people in our image maintains the status quo at best, helping people to grow beyond us ensures we improve.