Tuesday, August 30, 2011

VADM James Bond Stockdale Inspirational Leadership Award Winner to be CNO

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Admiral Jonathan W. Greenert

Admiral Jonathan W. Greenert
Admiral Jonathan W. Greenert is a native of Butler, Pennsylvania. He graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1975 and completed studies in nuclear power for service as a submarine officer.

His career as a submariner includes assignments aboard USS Flying Fish (SSN 673), USS Tautog (SSN 639), Submarine NR-1 and USS Michigan (SSBN 727 - Gold Crew), culminating in command of USS Honolulu (SSN 718) from March 1991 to July 1993.

Subsequent fleet command assignments include Commander, Submarine Squadron 11, Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Marianas, Commander, U.S. 7th Fleet (August 2004 to September 2006) and Commander, U.S. Fleet Forces Command (September 2007 to July 2009).

Greenert most recently served as vice chief of naval operations. Greenert has served in various fleet support and financial management positions, including deputy chief of naval operations for integration of capabilities and resources (N8); deputy commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet; chief of staff, U.S. 7th Fleet; head, Navy Programming Branch and director, Operations Division Navy Comptroller.

He is a recipient of various personal, and campaign awards including the Distinguished Service Medal (5 awards), Defense Superior Service Medal and Legion of Merit (4 awards). In 1992 he was awarded the Vice Admiral James Bond Stockdale Award for inspirational leadership. He considers those awards earned throughout his career associated with unit performance to be most satisfying and representative of naval service.


Anonymous said...


Before you get giddy all over yourself just remember that Mike Mullen was a winner of the Stockdale award too. Didn't get much out of that did we?

RFO said...

Worked with Greenert. Agree with Anon...don't get excited over him. He is a political animal.

Anonymous said...

Agree with all. He plays well in the political sandbox. We are on a slow decline to the abyss.

Captain - Special Duty Cryptology said...

How about we give the prospective CNO a chance before we make a judgment. Does he have political skills? I sure hope so. Nearly everything at his level is deeply immersed in politics. Let's give him a chance to navigate those shoal waters before we declare he's run aground.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he will be the one who cuts officers instead of gutting the enlisted....425 admirals? COME ON!