Friday, August 26, 2011

Several of our IW Flags attended Leading Innovation Course at Babson College

As part of the Navy's Executive Development Program (NEDP), several of our IW Flag officers traveled to Babson College, Babson Park in Massachusetts for the Leading Innovation (LI) Course from 23-26 August 2011.   Here's what the course is for: 

The Leading Innovation Course is an intensive, four‐day course designed to provide senior Navy leaders with both the skill set and the mindset to understand the critical nature of innovation as it relates to organizational success in the Navy.  The program focuses on building and sustaining an innovative organization that produces measurable results in a business and organizational context. The LI Course delves into the practice of innovation through case studies, small‐team exercises, and interactive class discussions. Our IW Flags were challenged to broaden their thinking process through exposure to new ideas and thoughtful examination of their own roles as “leaders of innovation” in the Navy.

The Objective/Desired End State
A cadre of Navy flag officers with both the skill set and mindset to understand and apply the critical nature of innovation and entrepreneurial thinking to achieve organizational success. 

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Anonymous said...

The net effect of our flags attendance at this session - zero.

Did they share anything with the community? - no

Has any one of them done anything remotely new? - no

Do we expect them to? - no

Expectations met. Innovation course was a resounding success.