Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Navy Baggage - can not let it go

Let me say that I am carrying a lot of Navy baggage. I remain connected to the Navy from my very first day at the MEPS in St Louis, Missouri. Carry that through bootcamp in San Diego, California and a succession of great assignments in the Navy (Monterey, CA; San Angelo, TX, Misawa, JA; Newport, RI, San Diego, CA; Atsugi, JA; Barbers Pt, HI; Monterey, CA; Washington DC; Yokosuka, JA; Corry Station, FL and then Washington DC with 100 destinations in between).

I can't let any of it go. I carry memories, lessons learned and friendships from each command with me to this very day. I can honestly say that I have maintained contact with a Shipmate from each and every place I have been. I can't let that baggage go.

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Anonymous said...

Captain Lambert,

How to carry a load of baggage should be a required course even in elementary schools. The Navy should also hold some instruction on the importance of keeping in contact with Shipmates. The life of past friends and Shipmates is so very important, and we do nothing to encourage the interaction of individuals with those that we were friends with on that last ship or duty station. I do not know how many Sailors I had to council because their Mother had not heard from her boy, and wrote to the Captain of his ship in her concern. I would expect today that that problem with most Sailors having internet access has been reduced; at least I hope it has.

I do not have communications with Sailors from every command that I served, but I do have contact with many Sailors that were my Shipmates over the years. I have contact daily with a Shipmate from my first ship the USS Manchester (CL 83) from back in 1956 and a number of other Sailors from units that we served at together. It is a bit of baggage to stay in contact but I would not have it any other way.

Very Respectfully,