Saturday, August 20, 2011

Common force packages needed to get to the next stage of cyber integration

By Daniel Wasserbly

IHS Janes



The ability to provide common force packages to commanders for network operations is a needed precursor to enabling freedom of manoeuvre for joint forces in the cyber domain, according to US military officials.

Commander Scott Coughlin, Director of Current Operations for the US Navy's Fleet Cyber Command, said the military needs a common lexicon, common force structure and packages and a clearer understanding of available cyber capabilities as well as the limitations, restrictions and authorities involved.

Refining such constructs is "one of the most critical things that we need to have in order to get to that next stage in the integration of cyber", Cdr Coughlin told a cyber security summit in Arlington, Virginia, on 3 June.

Agenda and speakers for the Cyber Summit are HERE.

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