Tuesday, August 23, 2011

More work for Fleet Cyber Command

From: Chief of Naval Operations

c. Commander, U.S. Fleet Cyber Command (COMFLTCYBERCOM) shall:
(1) Coordinate and administer the Navy OPSEC program and provide oversight regarding the execution of Navy OPSEC policy, doctrine, instruction and organizational program implementation.  Maintain an OPSEC support capability for the Navy per reference (b) to include the NOST. The NOST is a subordinate element of Navy Information Operations Command (NIOC) Norfolk.
(2) Assist in the identification of CI, review program and facility OPSEC plans, and offer CI and OPSEC plan endorsement to cognizant OPSEC program managers and officers.
(3) Develop and coordinate a Navy OPSEC training program, to include:
    (a) OPSEC orientation training within 60 days of reporting for duty.
    (b) OPSEC awareness training at least annually to include review of the five step OPSEC process, CI list(s), current threats and vulnerabilities, site OPSEC plan, and results of OPSEC assessments and surveys.
    (c) OPSEC planner training for individuals with OPSEC planning responsibilities.
    (d) OPSEC training for naval reservists assigned to mobilization billets.
(4) Assist in the conduct of OPSEC self-assessments or formal OPSEC surveys as directed.
(5) Provide OPSEC planning assistance and guidance to fleet units.
(6) Identify and submit appropriate OPSEC lessons learned into the NAVWARDEVCOM lessons learned database. Solicit community best practices for consolidation and updating appropriate policy and tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP).
(7) Consolidate annual status reports per table (1) of reference (f) from echelon 2 and 3 OPSEC program managers no later than 7 November of each year. Analyze and forward results to echelon 1 no later than 15 November of each year.
(8) Submit at least one suitable Navy candidate for the annual national OPSEC awards program to the national Interagency OPSEC Support Staff (IOSS) no later than 1 December of each year. Instructions for submitting the awards packages are located on the IOSS Web site: https://www.iad.gov/ioss/department/national-opsec-awards-10021.cfm.
(9) Act as the point of contact for Navy OPSEC program concerns, including primary monitoring of the electronic messaging account OPSEC@navy.mil.

And this:

h. COMFLTCYBERCOM, with its subordinate command, NIOC Norfolk, is the primary review authority for IO doctrine, and maintains the Warfare Center of Excellence for IO. COMFLTCYBERCOM, via NIOC Norfolk, shall coordinate with NAVWARDEVCOM to ensure Navy OPSEC TTP’s are effective, relevant, and responsive to fleet requirements.


Anonymous said...

More jobs others don't want to do dumped on the IO community. A convenient way for the URL flags to shed responsibility.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @0711: It will continue until the IDC becomes a URL community.


Anonymous said...

"It will continue until the IDC becomes a URL community."

Don't see this happening by the Navy's hand. RL as the Deputy and an RL nominated to be the Commander. Doesn't send a good signal for converting the IDC.

Has nothing to do with the gentlemen. Don't know the Deputy but he's a Flag so he has to have bona fides. Do know the prospective Commander and he's right for the job.

Nonetheless, Navy has much bigger issues to address than changing the IDC from RL to URL.